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Welcome / New to forum! 18 week old daughter..
« Last post by ChelsMarLou on June 19, 2013, 02:23:50 PM »
My 18 week old has had severe eczema since she was 3 weeks.
I'm starting to loose the will the live :(
Everything I've tried and been prescribed just isn't working.
She is constantly in baby grows with the hands turned over or with 3 to 4 pairs of mittens or socks on to stop her scratching herself.
And now I'm worried that covering her hands is affecting her development?

Changing her nappy or clothes is a nightmare, as soon as her hands are free, even for a brief second she claws at her face and it always left bleeding.

I requested a dematologist appointment but the GP said "let's try and control is our end first before referrals".
I keep being told "she will grow out of it" but 15 weeks of this is becoming an awful lot to handle and I feel like there will be no end.
Your Stories / Probiotics & Dairy
« Last post by Andrea on June 10, 2013, 11:08:08 AM »
(Sharing with Kind permission)

I came across your website, looking for some general info on my baby eczema.
At 2months she came out in a few spots which I thought was baby acne and the doc gave me emollient cream but didnt say it was eczema, she just said it could be a reaction to the cradle cap on her head & eyebrows. My little one had also become very colicky & unable to settle at night. after a cple of weeks it got really bad & it turns out the eczema was infected, he face, head, nevk & ears were covered in awful angry sore eczema, even her eyes & ears swelled up so i took her to A&E whe they told us it was infected eczema.
As soon as they said eczema to me I came off dairy (as I am breast feeding) and after antibiotics for the infection, taking probiotics & a cple of weeks off dairy she was fine. I tried a little dairy again after a few wks to make sure it wasn't the soap powder that I had also changed and she got colicky & a little rash again, so I was sure it was the dairy.

My little one is now 6months & fine. her skin is clear, she had a cple of patches in her ears and is prone to dryness but now there are no patches... I was really interested in your website as these things can always flare up again & I want to make sure I'm informed but I was going to post on the blog about the probiotic that I found to help her.
When she was diagnosed I talked to my best local health store and got some raw coconut oil & asked about probiotics to give her after the antibiotics. To cut a long story short I was put in touch with Biocare & they informed me about their Baby Bio Flora product, they have done 8yrs of clinical trials & is product is shown to dramatically improve, & in a hi percentage of cases completely eliminate these atopic conditions, particularly if given win the first 6months of life.
Anyway you may well know about this, though I didn't see it on the website... So I want to Share it with any other mums that are trying to help their little ones.  I have given my baby this powder in a little breast milk every day since she was 2months & will for at least 6months in total, her skin in clear, she's not colicky & I'm a much happier mummy!

Please feel free to share this with your web readers & thanks for your informative site
Leylah x

Link to the Product
Hello Sarah,

Welcome sorry to hear your little one is so sore.
Blisters sound like a hive type of reaction I guess they will test her for allergies.  Have they swabbed the skin when it get's infected? 
It might help you know what is going on. 

It's hard to know what to suggest as your little one sounds very sensitive, but it doesn't sound like the things the Dr's prescribing are very helpful for her. 

Is her sore skin all round her neck and face?  Is she itchy or just sore?

Hi all,

My little girl is 14 weeks old and has had eczema since about 5 weeks old which originally seemed to coinside with changing over from BF to formula. Her first flare up was lots of little blisters that appeared on her cheeks and ears and quickly got infected overnight.  She also has symptoms of a cows protien intolerence and we are on a trial of pescription formula. I have only ever been pescribed emoilients including Epiderm, Doublebase and E45 and Oilatum for the bath. The bath emoilents seem to make the weeping much worse, so we have totally taken that out of our routine and use the Doublebase in the bath and on the skin when she has these open sores and go back to the Epiderm once the redness finally dries out. Other than that we have not been offered anything else, other than Fuciden cream when it gets infected. However, we have great debate as to when there is an infection. Her sores often smell, particually behind her ears (which get yellow and crusty) and her neck. I understand that the lack of air getting to them doesnt help, but what on earth can I try in the mean time?
I'm waiting for a referal to see a Paeditrican at the hospital, but any help and advise would be greatly appreciated.
Sarah and Leela x
General Eczema Discussion / Re: How am I going to cope in the summer?
« Last post by Andrea on April 22, 2013, 11:41:29 AM »
Hello Nickelbabe

In my experience most people who's infants have eczema find the symptom's greatly improve in the summer. 

The fresh air, lighter clothing, a little sunlight, higher humidity and no central heating are normally all good things.

Many people find a summer holiday in the sun almost clears the skin totally also my shop sales in the summer months are tiny compared to winter :)  It's manly just skin friendly suncream.

Is there anything different about your little girls eczema?
Heat and sweating can make little ones more itchy, but if you pick light cotton clothing and she's not getting to hot I can't see why you'd find the summer problematic.
General Eczema Discussion / How am I going to cope in the summer?
« Last post by nickelbabe on April 17, 2013, 11:31:01 AM »
Last year the dermatologist suggested that DD shouldn't have bare skin because the air can aggravate her eczema.
Yeeeeaaas, and so does the heat.... :-\

I'm not sure what we're going to do in the summer - at the moment, we're finding that contrary to what he said, that she's less itchy and more comfortable if she has fewer layers on her arms (so we're doing shortsleeve vest and long sleeve teeshirt, but folding the sleeves up if she's getting annoyed), but we've kept putting tights on her legs, because it seems that her legs stay moisturized better.

I don't know if we should be letting her wear short trousers/no tights in the summer to let her stay cool, what if the air makes her skin more itchy and dry?

what's everyone else's experience on summer?
Thanks I will get some more things ordered and try them. :)
Hello Cazz1223

Sorry for my slow reply and welcome to Itchybaby :)  (I've been bumbling about with an ear infection feeling sorry for myself)

It's really heartening to hear of the improvements you've both found! 

Toothpaste, Uterkam and Weleda both do natural toothpastes.  Uterkam products we find great and often easier on the pocket that other natural brands.  (There shampoos do contain a mild detergent though)

Make-up I went for Mineral make up. 
I ordered some samples from an ebay seller to find colors that matched my skin.  I purchased some and it's lasted for ages.  They do a wide range of powder foundations, eye color ect.  It's important to have a descent soft brush to apply it but it's been great. 

Deodorant, the crystals that you rub under your arm are helpful, Weleda deodorant sprays are ok too. 
I have to agree they are not as effective as mainstream antiperspirants but I console myself with the thought that there much better for my skin :)  One thing I have noticed is that using African black soap under arm seems kinder on the skin and bacteria that live there so when I sweat it's not so stinky.

Hi thanks for reply.  I will try some of the things you mentioned. 

Things are going well, rash has almost gone from tummy and back, can't believe it.  The worst part, her legs, much better but still troubling her. The detergent free thing is hard but doing the best I can and she is much better so it could be down the changes we have made.  She is eating a few more things as well without flare up, so we are moving forward slowly I think.

Few questions, what do people do for makeup? Haven't seen anyone talking about this.

Only 'chemical' things we are still stuck with;

deoderant (doesn't seem to be any decent alternatives anywhere from reding reviews)

Any ideas with these things?
hello carolyn, i jyst thought i wud reply coz i know exactly how frustrati.g and hard this is! my baby boy is now a yr old and he has had eczema frm 3 mths old. to cut a very long story short hwe tried every cream steriod cream, pencillin for infections and in middle of all this decided to go detergent free after reading this brillant site and solve eczema site. to give u alittle hope my sons eczema has changed dramatically! we went frm really dry inflammed itchy skin mainly on neck and stomach to very mild flare ups that alittle moistursing! we use soapflakes and soda crystals wif a rinse cycle for laundry, i use sea salt in his bath whixh is very soft, some use porridge oats, i use pure liquid soap dr bronner unscented for everythi.g! washing dishes, my cleaning producys, shower gel etc, its alot of hard work in the beginning but worth it even if u see little changes in ur baby girl. i found hardest thi.g was getting on top of all tehe laundry! so mayb putting few things away gud idea, well sorry for the ssay but if u hav any questions just shout :)
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