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Your Stories / Re: Finally - starting to understand the triggers......
« Last post by Andrea on January 13, 2012, 01:13:46 PM »
Hello B

Thank you so much for spending the time to share your story of hope!  I'm so pleased that things have turned a corner for you, and was struck by how very similar your experiences were to ours.

I totally agree looking after a very itchy baby is an all-consuming task!

Josh used to rub back of his neck and eyes as he was getting tired; I think another Mum who posted on here said her little girl did the same thing too.  I used to trim his nails very short while he was asleep so he didn't cause any damage it never seemed to bother the skin, as he got older he grew out of the habit :) 

The face can be tricky.
I found Sudocrem to be more effective than steroids on problem parts of the face, the zinc helps with the inflammation and it leaves a greasy barrier on the skin.  We'd apply it every few hrs to problem face patches until they settled down, it might be worth giving it a try to your little one is ok with it.   

I also found that there was a particular set of toys Josh had that would upset his face (I'd washed them in washing up liquid the year before) when I rewashed them in soap they were fine for him to chew.  It may be worth seeing if there is any pattern to the skin on the face becoming inflamed, if it is worse after a certain food or toy. 

Dairy can also cause facial eczema in some children too, It's easier to cut it out of the diet for a few weeks and do a reintroduction while breastfeeding but you can still try it when there on formula.  You'd need to ask your Dr or HV about prescribing an alternative formula, how old is your little boy now?
Your Stories / Finally - starting to understand the triggers......
« Last post by Bacha13 on January 11, 2012, 06:05:20 PM »
Hi all,

We have similar to the parents visiting this site had a very itchy baby to look after.  Our LO developed a little dry skin and a few spot on his cheeks at 5 weeks – the Dr didn’t diagnose at this stage and prescribed Aqueous cream to settle the dryness.  I regret using this cream now given the bad reviews I have since read, although it did help with the dryness at the time.  No surprises that the night after our son’s first set of vaccines his skin flared up – cheeks, forehead and scalp.  The Dr said it was eczema and gave Epaderm to settle the inflammation.  Again another cream I regret using given it contains SLS.  In my experience while Epaderm ‘appears’ to help settle inflamed skin, it can prolong recovery of the eczema prone skin areas and cause the eczema to spread if applied to unaffected areas – atleast this is what we found in our son’s case.  Two months down the line the eczema on his face was just not going away, I was too scared to use steroids, my son started to develop dry patches of skin all over his body and the scratching was getting out of control.  We were having to hold his hands back day and night, it was awful.  I really can sympathise with all parents having to deal with this condition – it’s very distressing in babies and really can consume your life.  At this point I was sick to death of feeling helpless, endlessly applying creams and unsure if they were even helping!  Dr’s were very unhelpful and infact made me feel like I was over-reacting!   

I decided to figure this out myself and started searching the net for solutions.  I came across Andrea’s website and the link to solveczema.  I had been using fairy non-bio up until this point and the detergent trigger made complete sense – particularly in the context of the increase in eczema in the last 20 yrs (neither me or my husband have eczema, although there is some eczema in our families) and the high incident in hard water areas (we live in a hard water area).  So about 5 weeks ago we set off going detergent free and are already seeing results (we are about 60/ 70% of the way);

-    His cheeks, forehead and scalp, where his eczema has been very persistent have cleared up and are now normal baby skin.  The amazing thing is that the skin is not even that dry anymore.  I’m using Aveeno (which is great) and apply a very small amount once/twice a day.  The only issue is that the there was a little bit of skin on sides of both cheeks which became very sore/weepy and recovery here is taking longer, particularly as he is still scratching, albeit the  scratching has reduced massively.  Andrea I would be grateful for any advice you have on managing these areas without the use of steroids?

-   As I mentioned my son developed dry patches all over his body and then red eczema patches on his arms and legs.  Andrea – as a test to check for detergent reactivity, I followed your advice and ordered my LO some organic clothes from Frugi.  The skin started to turn normal within days, I have since ordered some more clothes from Green Baby and some new cot sheets.  I hand wash in Dr Bronner’s liquid soap and then double rinse in the machine.  We were a little worried about using the machine at first – so we did an admin wash using soda crystals to get rid of detergent residues (you can also buy products from amazon to get rid of residues in the machine).   I have rinsed his clothes in the machine a couple of times and no problems.
-   In terms of going detergent free in the household – 1) I cleaned the house top to bottom with Dri-Pak liquid soap flakes, a diluted solution can be made up for home cleaning 2) I hoover daily at the moment 3) We use alot of the dri-pak products in place of detergents in the home (most are available from Tesco and Wilkinsons) – Borax substitute is great as booster with the soap flakes, I’m finding our clothes, sheets, towels are softer now than when we used Ariel+Comfort! 4) I couldn’t find detergent free washing up liquid so am using Dishmate by Earth Friendly Products (mild detergent) – our son has moved on to formula now and this doesn’t seem to be causing any issues for washing bottles etc 5) We are in the process of switching our bathing products, creams etc – I’m using the Weleda baby shampoo for my hair, it actually works great!!

As mentioned we are not 100% detergent free yet (I’m still washing our clothes etc and need to deal with a dry cleaned rug) which may explain the continued itching – well tends to be more rubbing of the eyes and back of the neck (he has never had eczema in these spots).  Although I’m suspicious he has milk/dairy allergy.  I didn’t test while BF based on my docs advice – regret this now.  He has always been very gassy and had a red ring around his bottom which we can’t shift with any cream.   Andrea how was your experience with Josh on the itching/scratching/rubbing front?

Ok I think I have gone on for long enough now.   Andrea – thank you so much for setting up this website, the itchy baby and solve eczema information has really helped our son.  I really feel for all the parents coping with baby eczema – I think the most important advice I took away from Andrea’s  and the solve eczema information is that eczema flare-ups are not random, there are triggers and you can figure them out. 

Best wishes,
Articles and links discussion board / A SolveEczema campaign and vid
« Last post by Andrea on December 27, 2011, 04:29:57 PM »

A little vid from the Solvezema lady --- with info about Eczema and a campaign she running.
Your Stories / Re: some success in our struggle
« Last post by Andrea on December 27, 2011, 12:09:58 PM »
Hello Caddesa,

Thank you for taking the time to share your story (and your kind remarks about the site)

I'm pleased to hear your finally seeing proper improvements, what great news :)

How will you manage all her food sensitivity’s? 
Did the specialist think that she might grow out of some of them? 
It’s so sad how many of our itchy little children have food allergies and yet it's nearly impossible to get referred for testing until they are sick or have an anaphylactic reaction.

How great you had such a supportive Health Visitor :)

Your Stories / some success in our struggle
« Last post by caddesa on December 21, 2011, 12:46:34 AM »
Hi there everyone, just wanted to share our success with you all-  It is long due but in the midst of our misery, our keyboard also decided to give up on us aswell!!  So here goes:

Tazkiya was around 9 weeeks when her eczema started and by 4 months she was covered from head to toe. She had patches of weepy sores which over time were spreading all over her body. She was constantly itchy and we were having to monitor her 24/7. I t was a nightmare trying to juggle her and the other two along with sleepless nights.  we were applying 50/50 as the main moisturiser along with the hopes relief after I came across it on this site and she was wearing the scratchsleeves 24/7.Nothing was really working for us although her skin wasn't injured as such due to not being able to scratch with the sleeves on.  Heaven forbid what would have happened had it not been for those sleeves as even with them her skin was so fragile, rubbing caused her skin to peel.  I was using the steroids from time to time and at one point was even convinced the steroids were causing the flare ups.  I had learnt a lot about allergies by then and had eliminated a great deal of foods from my diet but only saw slight improvements  On top of all this after a course of antibiotics (due to GP thinking she may have impetigo) she started to have frequent diarrhoea- upto 16 times a day.  So we had a baby who rarely slept due to eczema and when she did manage to doze for those 30 odd minutes she would have to wake up after a poo!

at the same time her weight gain was very slow and when I voiced concerns I was reassured bf babies poo a lot and she was still growing though it was slow. At 7 months she couldn't even lift her head yet and all she could do was scratch/rub - she became a real pro at that.  She wasn't responding to us and it was only the HV who pushed for an urgent referral to the dermatologists, dietician and allergy specialists after noticing she had infact fallen off the charts a good while ago, along with her physical and social developmental delays.  It turned out she had multiple food protein allergies and was severely malnourished and underweight thus they had to admit her in immediately and I had to stop bfing that day.  She was tube fed a hypo allergenic formula until she could take in the adequate amounts by bottle and her skin showed signs of immediate improvements.  However she is on an extremely limited diet of rice and marrow as she has reacted to a long list of  foods I have tried so far and am currently waiting for results of a blood test. WE know so far fish, eggs, milk,soya, coconut, papya,nuts,meat,chicken, carrots ,apples, banana have so far caused reactions to varying degrees.

We are still using 50/50 and the hopes relief cream twice a day though i am trying to reduce it to once a day as its costing me a fortune as she is growing bigger.  She is still wearing scratchsleeves at night but thats about it and  at 14 months she is attempting to take her first steps and weighs 17 pounds. We are still seeing the dermatologists but skin is more bumpy rather tahn covered in eczema and they are hopeful that she can be discharged after 1 more appt.  More importantly she can be left to play for a short period while we get on with day to day tasks without the worry of her rubbing til it bled.
This is our story, sorry if its a bit long and apologies for any errors as my keyboard has started playing up again.  To those of you who are in the midst of this excema battle- dont lose hope.  I honestly didn't think we would be where we are today and to those of you who have pulled through , well done to you all!!

Wishing you all the best with your LOs and thank you soo much to Andrea for  this wonderful site- it really was my only source of hope in the midst of our despair.

Welcome / Re: looking for advice
« Last post by Andrea on December 05, 2011, 07:15:20 PM »
I was thinking about dairy :)

I didn't want to push you in any direction though!  I'm so pleased things are improving for you both  ;D
Welcome / Re: looking for advice
« Last post by cottoncandy on December 04, 2011, 03:56:00 PM »
Hi Andrea

Thanks for the reply.  We have been managing it in a few ways, it cleared up massivly when we changed his formula and I stopped eating dairy (for other health reasons) we may have found one of our triggers.  It's 80% better, I am so relieved  :)
Welcome / Re: looking for advice
« Last post by Andrea on December 02, 2011, 11:54:17 AM »

Welcome and sorry it's taken me so long to reply.

How are you both getting on now?  Sounds like he had a nasty infection?  Has your Dr treated it again?
Welcome / looking for advice
« Last post by cottoncandy on November 23, 2011, 11:14:33 AM »
Just found this site, it looks great & I need to find time to read it all but hoping someone can offer advice for now.

My little boy is 5months & recently developed eczma.  It is worst n his cheeks-the GP has been great & he just had a steroid/antibacterial cream which almost cleared it but that stopped at the weekend and it's weeping again :-(.  We have dermol cream & dermol for the bath.
I am putting cream on his whole body at every nappy change but not sure I am doing the right thing for his face....I wash it with cotton wool/water, dry with cotton wool then put the cream on - I then rub the cream in.  It seems strange to be adding all this moisture when his cheeks are already 'wet' - is this right? I also read briefly about using the cream as a barrier...he is constantly dribbling & getting milk on his cheeks - so could I put a layer of cream on before feeds (possibly not rubbing it in)?
I find he always has 'fluff' on his cheeks, I'm trying to put him in clothes that don't touch them (i.e. layering vests rather than big jumpers) and trying not to use the sling which I think irritates it ....would b interested in any other tips!
& last question! Can he still go swimming?

Sorry 4 all the questions & any mistakes....all written on my phone while we are broken down .....funny how any moment can be made use of once u have a baby!

Welcome / Re: Hello...
« Last post by Andrea on November 21, 2011, 07:26:30 PM »
Hello Mellie

Welcome :)  Sorry to hear your little girl has been suffering for so long, what a lot you have already dealt with!

Perhaps it would be worth them trying blood allergy testing?  I know it's not nice for them but it gives a much better indication of sensitivity’s, I find it hard to think a little one with such sore skin would not have 'any' food sensitivity’s.

I really don't know what to suggest, there is the 'Solve Eczema' no detergent site?  Have you looked threw that?  Most Mums find it helpful though often have to eliminate a food or 2 for a while too.

Other Mums have tried Acupuncture or NEAT, I could perhaps dig up the threads if you'd like to read them, they have found the treatments very useful.

I'm sorry I don't have the recipe for the home made pure potions cream - hopefully another Mum will check in soon who can share it.  I can share the recipe for the itchybaby cream if you would like that.

I’m thinking of you both. :)

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